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TKO High Speed Jump Rope


TKO Strength High-Speed Skip Rope

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The TKO High-Speed Skip Rope’s length is 290 cm, or nearly 9.5 ft, and can be individually adjusted to match the needs of the user. The cordage is made from an environmentally friendly polyurethane 5 mm thick rope, a material that allows users to keep a stable flow, no matter how fast they spin. Thankfully for gym owners, the material also keeps friction low, which reduces wear and tear.
The TKO High-Speed Skip Rope features ergonomically molded handles, which provide comfort to the user. The rope also features a 90° perpendicular swivel design. This allows for speed, without unnecessary wrist motion. This means the user can exercise as long and as intensely as they like, without having their wrists wear out. The handles, rope, and all components are all 100% latex free, so people with allergies do not have to worry about their workout.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in